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Since creating Inlook Group in 1989 Cynthia G. Swank and Peter J. Parker have been working with government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and academic institutions to help them address and solve problems with:

  • Records & Information Management
  • Archives Management
  • Historical Collections Management

We inject the expertise needed to make your project successful.
  • We are directly involved in every phase of each of our projects.
  • We develop solutions that work, tailored to your resources and to the way you work.
  • We offer uncompromised advice because we do not represent any vendor or manufacturer.

We listen, observe, and learn how your organization defines itself, how it organizes work, and how it uses information and records.

We assess the records you create or collect to help you determine what your organization.
  • Must retain for legal, fiscal, administrative, or compliance reasons.
  • May wish to preserve because of the significance to the institution's memory.
  • We help you define what you want to accomplish, and to understand the implications that these changes will bring.
We develop solutions that draw upon your strengths, that meet your needs, and are within your means.

We encourage you and your staff to:
  • Keep an open mind about what will work for you and not seek a panacea.
  • Understand that your problems may grow out of business processes and work flow, and that the solutions may have an impact upon both.
  • Recognize that solutions must be sustainable

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